Best Way to Loose Fat

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Losing Body Fat can be a hassle, and misleading information can make it even harder. But there is a fairly easy way to do it if you have the will.

Stop Overeating

Food is the only thing that makes you fat there is no secret about it, calories in versus calories out that's all you should worry about. You don't need to starve or eat only broccoli to lose fat, the most important thing is that you should consume fewer calories than your body uses. And try to stay away from calorie-dense foods like fast food, sugary foods, etc... You can easily find out how many calories you need by using a calorie calculator, you should stay in a calorie deficit and you will see those fats burning away by a week, but you have to realize that it will take time, you can lose up to 0.5kg a week and still stay healthy without over starving. Don't forget to reward yourself, there are plenty of low-calorie snacks these days.

Split your meals and use low-calorie-dense foods.

Splitting your meals will help you feed the sensation of hunger, it's better to eat every couple of hours even if it's an apple than overeat twice a day. Low-calorie-dense foods are saviors when losing fat, like lean meat, popcorns, konjac rice, noodles. And make sure to stay away from sugary drinks, sugar is not bad, but sugar is pure carbs and 1 carbohydrate has 4kcal. One sugary drink can have almost the same calories as a whole healthy meal. In these cases, you can use sugar alternatives - sweeteners, which are great because they give an even sweeter taste and have near-zero calories.

Misconception about cardio

You can completely lose fat without putting a foot into a gym, in today's world, the biggest misconception is that if you want to lose those fats, you have to work your ass off in the gym.

But the truth be told as I mentioned before, it's all about calories in and out. Working out indeed helps with burning calories and has probably hundreds of benefits to your health, but it's not necessary. As long as you are in a calorie deficit, by eating less or working out you will lose fat there is no doubt about it.

Last Advice

Don't judge yourself if it's getting tougher to fight, help your body, use low-calorie foods to fill your stomach at no cost, use zero sugar drinks to fill your want for sugar, go to the gym if you want to I do highly recommend it, and most importantly, don't starve, because you will lose muscle mass as well, if you play your cards right, you can keep most of your muscle mass after losing fat.

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