Benefits of BCAA

With hundreds of supplements in the market, BCAA is one of the top dogs with numerous health and fitness benefits to your body, and we are going to go in-depth with acids in this blog.

What are BCAAs

While most amino acids are oxidized in the liver, BCAAs are primarily oxidized in the skeletal muscle and other peripheral tissues. BCAA(Amino Acids) is a compound that helps proteins in your body combine together to make up a tissue, this way protein and amino acids work together to shape your body.

Amino Acids are classified into three groups:

- Essential acids

- Nonessential acids

- Conditional acids

Essential amino acids are the ones your body can't produce, while Nonessential and Conditional acids are made by your body. So the only way to get Essential acids is if you consume them, from amino-acid-rich food or the easiest way, supplements.

BCAA Benefits

First of all, studies have shown that consuming Essential amino acids(BCAAs) increases your Muscle growth overall, because it can increase protein synthesis in your body by up to 22% by using 6grams of BCAA a day, as mentioned before, BCAA and Protein works together, using just BCAAs are worthless, you must have a high protein diet or use Whey protein to support your daily protein intake.

Secondly, it reduces the damage made to your muscles during a workout, this way you feel less sore and fatigued the next day, in the long run, BCAA use is beneficial for athletes who train consistently without many breaks, fatigues like that can lead to low immune system, muscle loss, sleep deprevation,

Last but not least, it prevents Muscle Wasting and breakdowns which occur when protein breakdown exceeds protein synthesis that can be caused by malnutrition, infections, fastings, bad diets.

Other less significant benefits of BCAA:

- BCAAs promote signaling pathways and metabolism of glucose

- Once in the brain BCAAs may have a role in, synthesis of neurotransmitters, and production of energy

- Recent studies have also shown that BCAAs reduce the levels of circulating free fatty-acids (FFA) in the blood

When to take BCAAs

BCAAs that are ingested before exercise can be oxidized by skeletal muscle and used as energy during the exercise, reducing the need for the liver to increase levels of glycogenolysis. Usually, BCAAs can be taken anytime, no study has shown that a specific time of use has a more significant impact on your body and health, they can be used in the morning, night, before the workout, or after it makes no difference.

How often and how much BCAAs should I consume

You should take 0.2grams of BCAA per kg of your body weight or 0.9grams per 10lbs of your body weight put it simply, you should use at least 15grams of BCAA a day.

It doesn't matter how many servings you are going to take to achieve your daily BCAA intake, you can just use it all at once or split it up if you prefer it that way. In a long run, make sure to take it every day consistently, do not take extra the next day if you missed it the last day, that does not make it back up.


BCAA is worthwhile supplement, with plenty of health benefits, try taking it consistently for maximum results and make sure you include it only with a high protein diet.

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